Inpatient Drug & Alcohol

Inpatient Drug & AlcoholWithdraw Management and Induction Unit (DETOX)

This unique unit provides medically monitored withdrawal management from substances of abuse including opiate, alcohol, benzodiapenes, etc. It also provides for the induction onto Medicated Assisted Treatment agents such as Methadone, Burpenorphine (Suboxone) and Vivitrol.

Miracles in Progress Program

Miracles in Progress provides services for chronically homeless men with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. The program is open ended, targeting men who have lived on the streets or in Philadelphia shelters for at least five years. Implemented on the recovery management model, the program focuses on issues identified by the participants as important in achieving and maintaining long-term recovery. Community reintegration is an integral part of the programming. As such, participants are encouraged to participate in local social, cultural and spiritual activities. Staff members act as partners in the recovery journey to foster accountability and integrity, and create life-long transformations.

Residential Treatment Program for Adults (RTFA)

The RTFA is designed to provide a long-term intensive residential treatment experience for participants with extensive mental health histories and co-occurring Substance Use Disorders. Staff includes Master’s level clinicians, Psychiatrist and 24 hour nursing, focused on assisting participants in developing life skills, Crisis Management Plans, and individualized goals that support recovery. Community reintegration that includes participation in leisure and recreational activities are an important aspect of the program.

Return Program

The Return Program I is a short-term and long-term residential rehabilitation unit for male participants with a history of substance use disorders, and includes weekly individual and group sessions with an addiction counselor. Daily support groups/lectures are also provided by Addiction Recovery Assistants, many of whom are persons in long-term recovery.

The Return Program II is a short-term and long-term program for men and women with a long history of opiate addiction who receive methadone as part of their recovery program. Participants receive their methadone through the Goldman Medicated Assisted Treatment program as either dual enrollments to both programs or a guest of the clinic.

Torre De La Razza – Tower Of The People (TDLR)

The Latino Men’s Unit provides short and long term treatment in Spanish to men who are monolingual or bilingual and present with substance use disorders. The unit places an emphasis on providing a culturally appropriate therapeutic environment for participants who have in the past faced language and cultural barriers when seeking treatment.

Women Helping other Women (WHOW) provides short and long-term treatment to women in English, focusing on the unique issues faced by women seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Special emphasis is placed on the issues of trauma and family reunification.

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