Message from Our CEO

As an institution, much like the people who come to us, we have been on our own journey and we have transformed ourselves.

We have been providing services at 801 W. Girard Avenue to the community for almost 100 years, first as St. Luke’s, then Giuffre, then as North Philadelphia Health System-Girard Medical Center and now, in 2019, we are THE BEHAVIORAL WELLNESS CENTER at Girard, with the vision of being the region’s premier behavioral health provider.

We have a seasoned, highly credentialed and experienced staff; and programs that speak to our participants regardless of where they are on their journey to recovery. We know that a holistic approach is the best way to support the people who come to us and we are committed to being sensitive to their cultural and spiritual needs. Having a satellite of Delaware Valley Community Health on campus, and an affiliation with them to provide medical services and projected dental and legal services to name a few, offers our participants support in other areas of their lives. Our gym with state of the art equipment, tai chi, and yoga sessions all address their physical needs.

As President and CEO, I am honored to be charged with holding a vision of greater possibility for this institution of wellness, and inspiring our staff and our participants to envision it too. I see and feel the need of the communities surrounding us and know we can help those experiencing addiction and mental health distress. We at The Behavioral Wellness Center are continuously open to incorporating innovative and unique approaches researchers are uncovering to address addiction and mental illness.

Our Creative Arts and Therapy Department, in partnership with our psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, nurses, nurse practitioners, mental health workers, Addiction Recovery Specialists and Community Recovery Specialists, makes us a formidable team offering a wide range of approaches including Mindfulness, psychopharmacology and Methadone, Vivitrol and Suboxone treatment, coupled with evidence based counseling.

When a person seeking support in transforming his or her life walks through our doors, we see them as just that, a person, on a journey, needing support and we give it unconditionally.

The Behavioral Wellness Center at Girard inspires hope and transforms lives.


Gerri H. Walker

President and CEO

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