Ronald Pope, Director of Residential Services & BIU Coordinator

Ronald Pope

Ronald Pope has worked at The Behavioral Health Center at Girard for 28 years, where he currently serves as Director of Residential Services. In his first 20 years with the organization, Mr. Pope served as a manager, working to provide healthcare through prevention, education, and treatment in the hospital and community.

Now as Director of Residential Services, Mr. Pope works with participants that are affected by substance use and mental health disorders. Mr. Pope is a professional who has demonstrated a commitment to the supervision and coordination of the Department of Behavioral Medicine’s program at The Behavioral Health Center at Girard. He is receptive to the concerns of the surrounding community and works to maintain a good neighbor policy toward businesses and private residences in the community.

Mr. Pope holds two Master’s degrees from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania: a Master of Arts in Human Services and a Master of Science in Business. He believes in the “growth mind” concept evident by his certifications in physical fitness, executive leadership, clinical supervisor and on-going academic endeavors. Most of all, Mr. Pope is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force.

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